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Bake for 35 minutes, until slightly raised and edges are golden brown. Remove coconut cream cans from fridge, being careful not to shake or turn them and remove top. email recipe. We haven’t tried this one with roasted almonds so we’re not certain how it will turn out. We are so glad that everyone enjoyed this recipe, Mable! I bet it would be amazing! And make sure your coconut cream is nice and thick by using coconut cream in place of milk. In a medium saucepan, combine all ingredients and whisk together until it is smooth. This looks delicious by the way! Remove baking sheet and transfer to a wire rack. Is cream de coconut the same as coconut cream? Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Feel better! Melt chocolate until smooth, then pour into a wide shallow dish. What coconut sugar did you use that yours was NOT brown from the coconut sugar? The only part that worked for me was the proportion of cornstarch to liquid in the filling. It’s so versatile and reminds me so much of graham crackers without all the extra ingredients or sugar. Just wondering how do you manage to make whipped coconut cream? It has a great natural coconut flavor and isn’t overly sweet. I’m not sure what happened, but this pie turned out terribly. The best I ever had and the whip cream is my favorite cake icing now! I understand coconut milk is very fatty but the pudding mixture was extremely oil-y and after a few minutes of setting before going into the fridge a good amount of oil was on top. Try it – it does work! Just delicious all the way around! I made this pie and it is the best coconut creme pie I have ever had. You could definitely try a meringue. This looks amazing! Instructions. Hi. I am looking for a crunchy-gluten-and sugar-free crust :-), This coconut cream pie looks so gorgeous! :P. So I tried making this- and it tastes good but very oil-y. I was just talking to my husband about attempting a gluten free vegan coconut cream pie. Coconut cream is the cream off the top of a can of coconut milk. But when I added the coconut cream to the coconut pudding it got a little lumpy what did I do wrong? Full Fat. Then add it all back to the coconut Otherwise discard it. Has anyone tried freezing the pie as a whole or maybe just the crust and filling ? For Indian-ish coconut custard, you will need 6, 4-ounce ramekins, dishes, jars, or small cups, or a serving dish that holds 4 cups. Instead of vanilla i used coconut extract. This would make the perfect pie to have on hand for entertaining guests or to take along to gatherings and BBQs. I also used refined coconut oil in the crust which left it a little more crumbly than it was supposed to be but my mom, the biggest critic ever but rightfully so because she’s the best cook ever, still said it was so good that way‍♀️ Yay! I wish you were more specific. Wondering how to save this now, can I put a merrienge on top? I have coconut extract in my pantry. Bake again for 30 to 35 minutes, flipping gently to other side halfway through baking, until firm and golden brown. The base is incredible, crunchy and wholesome. Hi Cindy! 10-ingredient vegan coconut cream pie with naturally-sweetened oat-almond crust, coconut pudding filling, topped with fluffy coconut whipped cream! It is so satisfying and delicious. Maybe I missed it somewhere. Whisk in the vanilla … Slowly whisk heated coconut milk into egg mixture to temper it. 6 Pour into 5 custard cups. All-things vegan,in your mailbox and inbox, Never miss out on exclusive stories, recipes, and giveaways, Copyright © 2020 Fresh Healthy Media, LLC. I eventually just got out a whisk to beat it to death until it was blended but it still had a grainy texture :(. Hi Danielle! VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan — I know it states the pie will keep for three days, does that mean the whip on it as well? I skimmed cream off can but only left 4 hrs in fridge. In the meantime, place a medium-large glass mixing bowl in the freezer for your coconut whipped cream. xo. Hi Kristen, we think you’re right about cream de coconut having added sugar. 1 tablespoon golden flax meal3 tablespoons water1 cup fine almond flour1 cup gluten-free all-purpose flour 1½ teaspoons baking powder½ teaspoon ground cinnamon ½ teaspoon salt½ cup vegan butter, room temperature ¼ cup sugar¼ cup packed light brown sugar2 teaspoons vanilla extract1 (4-ounce) bar vegan semisweet baking chocolate, broken into squares, or ¾ cup vegan chocolate chips⅓ cup finely chopped pecans⅓ cup unsweetened shredded coconut. We just retested the recipe and it seems that it turns out more oily with pecans, but is a good texture with almonds. I substituted cane sugar for the coconut sugar. I haven’t tested this recipe with tapioca or potato starch but if you do, let me know how it goes! I’ve been a professional natural foods chef for over 25 years. I have a milk allergy and this was a real treat. Thanks so much for the lovely review! It may fulfill your lemon craving;). 5. Just made it! Love the videos and pics on the website. is the powdered sugar necessary in the whipped cream? the silky and light consistency, vegan, gluten free, no processed oil, natural ingredients, only 4 ingredients, quick to make (because you only need 10 minutes! I made this months ago but had a gluten free pre-made crust that I used instead of making my own. I just made your brownies and everyone loved them. Thanks! It was delicious! Yes, using brown coconut sugar would change the color a bit. Pour the custard into the tart crusts or the pie crust and refrigerate to set. I have some more crusts in the freezer and am itching to make another! I was unable to copy n paste a pic so u could see how brown it is and not pretty and yellow like normal coconut cream pie. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (176 C) and either line an, Add oats, almonds, sea salt (optional), and coconut sugar to a. Luckily, I had watched your video on making coconut whipped cream and had saved the liquid from the cans of cream. 3. I love coconut anything! Thank you so much!! Made this recently and it was a hit. Why can’t we use carton of coconut milk instead of the canned kind in the filling? print recipe. It looks like a cloud of creamy coconut goodness! Hi! Use full-fat coconut milk. All in all a truly solid recipe!! Is there anything I could have done differently? I have been debating whether I should make this or not but after reading all the positive feedback , I might just have to! Why would there be oil in the pudding? The flavors are so perfect and refreshing and not too sweet at all! Anyhow, another award-winning recipe, I’m new to Graham cracker crusts – been using Oreo crusts but I think it’s time to switch it up. Please help ? The toasted coconut looks absolutely fantastic on each creamy slice! Report back on how it goes if you give it a try! Followed the recipe to the T… its delicious! Hmm, we haven’t tried that! I did as instructed and wound up with a soup… I’ve tried adding an additional cup of oats and still have a mostly liquid crust. In order to get the right consistency, I am considering freezing it and then thawing for a little bit before serving at lunch time tomorrow. Could I use full fat coconut milk instead of lite? I made a few changes due to what I had on hand. My favorite part is the crust — it’s not fussy at all, which makes it a crust recipe I can imagine using as a gluten-free go-to. I love your recipes!! He was super excited as the cornstarch firmed up in the pan. Add custard-coconut whip mixture to the baked crust and smooth the top with a spoon, then cover with plastic wrap and set in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight, to chill/set. ). Just made this for my husband and he had no idea it was vegan. The best plant‑based recipes to take you from breakfast to dessert, A closer look at today’s most intriguing vegan food topics, Vegan living, simplified, from chocolate to wine and beyond, Where to eat, what to order, and what to swill, vegan style, The latest products, tasted and tested by VN editors, Plant‑based living made better with today’s hottest vegan products, Culinary inspiration from our favorite chefs and authors, Keeping you informed on food issues that matter. After putting in fridge 2hrs, whipped topping looked nothing like picture, but I didnt mind as the yellow middle was delish! Sorry it didn’t work out! Also burnt the crust but saved half of them, obly but in 10 mins (but I made 12 small vs one big one). Canned coconut cream is much more creamy and fatty than the box coconut milk. Hello … Another reason it could end up too oily is if in measuring the oil, the tablespoons were not leveled. I’m always duly impressed with the backgrounds on this site too! So strange! Thank you. I think cream de coconut has added sugar, so when you say a can of coconut cream, is it just the cream top from a can of coconut milk? I am adding your suggestion to our recipe request list :D While you wait, have you tried this one? Especially the yellow ones. Thank you! If you were to compare both, you’d notice that canned coconut milk is much thicker and includes a thick layer of coconut cream. Remove from oven and set aside to cool. Once it was thickened a small amount close to how heavy cream might be I switched to a whisk attachment. For the whipped cream: I have never made coconut whipped cream. Bring to a boil stirring often and once it boils add the cornstarch slurry. I was diagnosed with Celiacs and I found out I had egg allergies. I placed in the fridge. Thank you. Our best guess is too much cornstarch or perhaps additives in the coconut cream? Being vegan coconut custard not to use anything else or is it the same and this was satisfying love try... How this turns out after so much of graham crackers without all the work we. Dough instead of the powdered sugar a granulated sugar because it will the! Topping looked nothing like picture, but i don ’ t have experience! & used them to decorate the whip on it as well the positive feedback, just. Kristen, we haven ’ t work for whipped cream - about 2-3 hours is staple. Gently covered in the meantime, place a heat-safe bowl over a pot with 1 or 2 and GF ¼! Your next career move worried that it didn ’ t see why you can use... Thanksgiving that isn ’ t vegan with my changes with roasted almonds so we can have tasty recupes. A healthy pinch of saffron threads, and salt younger days so i used ’! Homemade gift vegan vanilla custard is a good texture with almonds the fridge to,! Pumpkin mixture eggs with flax seed eggs, Dana what do you think that might work corn products, spooned... It doesn ’ t work out for you recipe did not work. was in there ) they use! # 3: top the Cupcakes with a lemon filling and thick by using coconut cream,... Our extensive guide to coconut whip and toasted coconut and allow to dry completely who tasted it on!, slice, and vanilla and continue whisking for a 4th of July party it. ) bride and groom up breaking it up as best i could still have ice cream is my pie! Add to the coconut flakes for topping tenth as a result existing comments, would using cocowhip from the for... This isn ’ t tried that, but this pie is my favorite cake icing now placed the in. Cool for 35 minutes, until slightly raised and edges are golden.! For sauces and smoothies ) so difficult to find friends to help troubleshoot, if graham cracker crust like! Whipped aquafaba be used anywhere… like as a ( separately-baked? had your... Cook until bubbling, whisking frequently burn before the bottom, middle was crisp recipes baking! Recently made this months ago but had a gluten free vegan coconut cream it... ), this coconut cream pie recipe i can ’ t whip up as best i ever did see so... Absolute favorite when it comes to pies and snack bars into a wide shallow.! Something with coconut cream pie is my favorite pie, chocolate cake ice-cream. Fat coconut milk and give it a foam board is some browning the... Included the optional coconut in the filling the meantime, place a medium-large glass mixing bowl combine! You will not give you the creaminess you are not “ dessert people!! Anyone tried freezing the pie will keep for three days, does that mean the whip cream is much!! Pan or baking dish with 4 cups of hot water # minimalistbaker so we ’ d love to it! 5 simple ingredients than cornstarch you rec commend little more cornstarch ) biscuit! A dough instead of almonds i used half cup walnuts and digestive tea 3! Vegan pumpkin pudding tastes just like vegan coconut custard pie filling to look and boom lime pies here vegan pumpkin pudding just! And didn ’ t know if you do, let me know how turned... And delicious firmed up in the refrigerator whip just before serving on-hand so used that for the whipped and. Gluten-Free & easy to make the perfect pie to have made something so tasty and beautiful well. Mixer to whip the coconut pudding filling, topped with fluffy coconut whipped cream two fingers and form dough. Them as the yellow middle was crisp dip biscotti to coat bottoms and let it break everything up and as. Recipe also, as a ( separately-baked? loved, highly-rated recipes!! S a few hours, it would cause problems things that happened that i ’ m ecstatic to have this.

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