rules and regulations of a club

c. Guests are limited to harvesting 1 antler-less deer during the deer season. E. All guests must be of 18 years of age to sign the Liability Release Form. RULES AND REGULATIONS . Club rules and regulations have evolved over the years and are written to protect everyone’s safety and enjoyment of the Club. B. To uphold these expectations, members and guests are encouraged to act in a manner consistent with good taste. All Associate Members and Guests (Hunting or Non-Hunting) must follow the Guest and Associate Member policies. These locations will be marked on the maps. C. Additional hunting days will be granted for each work day attended on a ratio of 1:1. Members who disregard the rules set forth can be expected to face disciplinary actions. Albertini President’s Cup and the Better Ball Championships. Hard, metal spikes are prohibited. (Proposals should be written and presented to avoid confusion). Grounds Coordinator (GC) - will be responsible for the properties and coming up with a plan for maintenance. C. JMP members are required to have a current decal on their vehicle while on the club properties. General Rules • Rainchecks are only valid for greens fees and cart fees. RULES AND REGULATIONS ... youth club. During severe weather conditions the Practice Range may be marked closed. Contact: Comments by members or guests about any aspect of the golfing program at EMCC can be submitted in writing to the Golf Chair and any board member, for prompt response. Stands should not be made of wood (except tower stands and shooting houses), but permanent wood stands may be built in some circumstances with the consent of the Grounds Coordinator. An individual or family may apply to be a Provisional Social Member or a Provisional Full/Golfing Member. I. Many EMCC members are seasonal visitors, and the period from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend is considered “in season”. P. All members are expected to assist with the duties of running the club. Before you agree to become a member of this club, please take the time to read and understand this document. H. Once a Guest has been on the property they cannot be a guest of another member. The GC will coordinate the maintenance and repair of all club assets such as; the Club House, blinds, stands, feeders, food plots, brush removal, mineral licks, stands (placement, safety, and repair), fabrication, repairs, locks/keys and posting/signs. This limitation shall not apply to Member Guest tournaments. O. All building materials, used in the construction of a stand or blind that is not club property, and is provided by a club member, will be considered a donation and will be the sole property of the ROA Hunt Club once the stand or blind is built. a. Members will be notified in advance of each workday. All members are encouraged to join the FB Club page. The ROA Club will purchase feeders, cameras, mineral blocks and food attractants, and other supplies needed as the budget allows and place them in strategic locations around the property. This is to include property neighboring ours, that is under B.C. R. All members having disputes are encouraged to try to work things out between each other. All members must pay dues and deposits at the time in which they are due, NO EXCEPTIONS! We warmly welcome family and friends of all ages, but ask that children not be left unattended and are supervised at all times. Club Rules and Regulations 1. Read More, 1:00 pm B. 5. While the Board of Directors, would rather not have to have this section in our Rules and Regulation, it is necessary to effectively run and maintain order in the club. At all other times during open season for all other game, all members, associate members, and/or guest(s) will abide by NC Game Regulations for required use of blaze orange while hunting on club grounds. The Board can call a Special Business Meeting based on the following criteria. Per NC hunting regulations, Pg 41 Pistol Section... "Deer and bear may be taken with a handgun during the established gun hunting season.

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