pre pour foundation inspection checklist

documentation, and electronically submitted to the MOOT Structural Fabrication Unit. • Ensure that the placement is examined constantly to assure uninterrupted curing (watch for dry spots). While not conclusive, the following symptoms should set off alarm bells: 1. Some vital Inspection points: Given below, the details about major key inspection items to be examined and/or checked in the context of concrete post placement activities: • Ensure that the necessary method of curing is prepared. 0000013975 00000 n 0 The builder is responsible for the job and is required to call and cancel the inspection if the inspection cannot be performed due to inclement weather. 214A Foundation-SlabInspectionChecklist170828 FOUNDATION AND SLAB INSPECTION CHECKLIST PERMIT: _____ ADDRESS: _____ The following items are to be reviewed for completion by the contractor/owner prior to scheduling an inspection. Together, this phases make up the timeframe or flow of concrete through the entire supply chain. QC Checklist #8 – PRE-CONSTRUCTION SITE REVIEW QC Checklist #9 – POST-CONSTRUCTION SITE REVIEW FPA-SC-10-1 Quality Control Checklists for Foundation Inspection of Residential and Other … FOUNDATION INSPECTION CHECKLIST 1. 0000001356 00000 n FOOTING INSPECTION CHECKLIST No mud or water is allowed in the footing. Uploaded by. x�� |T����}o�}2Kf2�,��d�d&{$䑍,�`š� Pre-pour Foundation Inspection The first phase of the new construction inspection process starts when the home’s foundation make-up has been complete, and the builder is ready to pour concrete. Check … This meeting should be attended by re p re s e n t a t i v e s of outside inspection … Pre-Pour Foundation Inspection Report Point to Point Inspections, PLLC Peter J. Client (Name of Client) Concerning: 1234 Pre-Pour Lane (Address or Other Identification of Inspected Property) By: Aaron D. Miller, ACI, … 2/12/2015 12 23 24 . General contractor . PCC or RCC, type of elements to be casted, such as RCC slab, columns, footing, beams, walls etc. Not only is this great for planning pours and distributing the information, it also serves as evidence should a pour go wrong. This one ensures the site has been excavated and graded properly, that anchors and footing are adequately spaced and in place, and that the stage is set for a strong and long-lasting home. Consult with a foundation repair contractor near you as soon as possible. Please verify the following before scheduling the inspection: 104 Foundation City of Austin inspectors do not conduct foundation inspections. This inspection checklist focuses specifically on the shallow footing. Stage of Works: Pre Slab Pour Date of this Report: Saturday 10th September 2016 INSPECTION NOTES At the time of this inspection, we note the following; 1. Foundation Inspections This inspection guide answers common questions and provides a checklist of deficiencies. If your home is surrounded by standing puddles that don’t drain properly after the last storm, this may be an indication of poor drainage. Material Inspection, Handling, & Storage 24. Some aspects in the guidelines may not be relevant to 0000025205 00000 n Additional information can be obtained from your local participating jurisdiction. Co n s t r uction, … CONCRETE PLACEMENT INSPECTION CHECKLIST Quality control of concrete starts with inspection of concrete during pre-placement, during placement and post-placement. 66 0 obj <> endobj An inspection of any plumbing works in any part of the building including the floor slab. 5616 (10/20) CHECKLIST . Crawl space leveling, ground clearances, positive drainage, and waterproofing/dampproofing, when required may be inspected at future inspections prior to concealment. 0000001698 00000 n This is only a general list and isnot intended to address all possible conditions. 0000042419 00000 n 0000041563 00000 n Planned pour sequence and schedule 5 . If you live in South or North Carolina, contact Foundation Repair Services. No. IRC-LAR109.1.1 FOR . If your yard go… We inspect the form boards, post tension cables, rebar, plumbing, and more. 0000060694 00000 n Pre-pour foundation/footings. 0 Foundations are inspected to ensure that the structural loads of the building will be safely transferred to the surrounding soil and resist lateral earth pressures. The purpose of the pre-pour inspection … Inspecting … <]/Prev 496664>> Collect signatures from all representatives. CONCRETE PRE-CONSTRUCTION CHECKLIST 4th Edition – Updated 8/12/2008 Developed by The Georgia Concrete & Products Association (GC&PA) in Association with American Consulting Engineers Council of Georgia (ACEC) This meeting should be attended by re p re s e n t a t i v e s of outside inspection agencies, the … 0000013386 00000 n l?6�`�c�`hk�?�;�ˁ� ��˫� y� $*8Clg24D7�;�>.�ay�4��L�>�� :b�� L�0���>��f�w �A\� Uploaded by. Poured concrete and masonry units that have reinforcement steel shall be 0000040760 00000 n This construction video offers brief information to download the concrete pre-pour checklist in excel format that is very crucial for concrete construction work. Design and Professional Engineer (PE) Certification of Supervision (COS) 1 Is PE design and calculation for the formwork available? 0000001419 00000 n Slab Pre Pour Stage Inspection Report – Single This Inspection was carried out on a single storey home of approximately … 2/12/2015 13 25 Pre-pour Inspection Form Release 0000059648 00000 n Chapter 1—Inspection and the inspector, p. 6 1.1—Inspection processes 1.1.1—Why inspection is needed 1.1.2—Purposes of inspection 1.1.3—Owner and contractor inspections … CONCRETE PRE-CONSTRUCTION CHECKLIST 4th Edition – Updated 8/12/2008 Developed by The Georgia Concrete & Products Association (GC&PA) in Association with American Consulting … 66 37 0000059059 00000 n Inspection Checklist for Footing: 12 Points to Check Before Casting. Common inspections for residential buildings can include: pre-pour (before concrete is poured, for example, for piles, footings, slabs, in situ walls or blockwork infill) Pre-pour floor. Complete form w o r k details and dimensions, in-cluding pouring pocket and cleanout details 6 . : Contract Specifications Clause: Location: Drawing Ref. $D$A:܁wH�2�`��A�0 �� 3j�!&Fn�Ɓ%�3M|` �| Enter all the information required prior to your Concrete Pre Pour Checklist. Concrete Pre-Pour Checklist. phase 1 (pre-pour) property inspection report report # sm 1x-0825p1p date & time of inspection 08/25/201x (03:00 pm) a single family residence at 12861 xyz drive, porter, tx 77000 for mr. & mrs. … If you answered yes to any of the above, a foundation inspection may be necessary. Inspection Request Numbers. Ref. You can easily edit these checklists or add your own. General contractor . Engineered foundations require that contractors pass a pre-pour inspection. Before pouring concrete for foundation walls, footings or pile foundations >Sub-floor drainage. Explore Other Available Checklists. A pre-pour inspection is basically a visual inspection of the bare bones of the home, before the concrete slab is poured. You can easily edit these checklists or add your own. 0000001762 00000 n Yes No 2 Is the formwork structure erected according to PE's design and drawing? Foundation and crawl space inspection(s) shall be made aft er all foundation supports are installed. FOUNDATION INSPECTION REPORT 1.0 INTRODUCTION The purpose of this report is to describe the results of an inspection that was conducted on the foundation Of the residence described below. : Contract Specifications Clause: Location: Drawing Ref. The inspection program should be established at a pre - c o n s t r uction con-f e r ence. 10.1 Preparation 26 . Foundation walls are centered on footings. %%EOF 2. Footing stage inspections Page 2 of 3 Building Codes Queensland August 2013 What is an aspect of a stage? 9.2 Handling & Storage 25 . amer_arauf. 0000025730 00000 n

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