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So were you from that folk background as well, then? What a way to get onstage! CHORUS Grow, grow, the lightning tree, it's never too late for you and me; Grow, grow, the lightning tree, never give in too easily. They’ve never turned up on Youtube, and it was in the days before VCR so nobody had a recording of them, but it would be so good to get hold of some, just to have a look. When did you start to feel the pull to actually become a priest yourself?I don’t know… I woke up one morning and thought “I think I want to be a deacon”, which was the first stage in those days. Oh, the cow on the farm goes, moo, moo, moo, All around the farm. We, in fact, got hold of Blowin’ in the Wind… somebody had done it in America, but nobody had done it here. After driving listeners to distraction by playing The Lightning Tree repeatedly on my BBC Tees Evening Show, I couldn’t resist attempting to track her down for an on-air interview, and was delighted when she agreed to come on the show. Young Dora is sent to stay with her uncle on his farm in rural England while her parents travel overseas for a year. And we got a telegram – remember telegrams? Asked by Wiki User. And he was asked to do a TV series by Tyne Tees, in the religious slot. But there’s a picture that exists, I think on the Follyfoot website, of the four of us. And I was able to tell our listeners what was going on, because I was getting the feed from IRN and BBC and everything else that was coming in. That was great, writing all those songs. We took folk songs, and made them a bit more poppy… rather than standing there with our fingers in our ears and a glass of beer in the other hand. She said it was so lovely to hear other people pray, and all she had to do was say “Amen”. It took a different parable each week – say, the Good Samaritan. Dreams come true if you want them to if you want them to, then it's up to you. The Lightning Tree (Follyfoot-Farm) Capo 3. They all had a fabulous experience and enjoyed the pony pampering (we wanted to bring Jake home with us!) Around the world in 80 days with Willie Fog (Great theme tune, with Andy Crane giving out copies of the lyrics so you could sing along!) Its limbs all torn from the day it was born for the tree was born in a thunderstorm. It was when the Beatles and all the Liverpool sound was starting… it was a really creative time, and great to have been part of it. ( Log Out /  It's limbs all torn from the day it … Fret (Original C Minor) Written by Steven Francis Performed by the Settlers Am Down in the meadow where the wind blows free Bb A In the middle of a field stands a lightning tree Dm G Cj7 Am Its limbs all torn from the day it was born Dm G Am Mike formed The New Settlers, and that went for about a year with three new people. “Down in the meadow where the wind blows free, in the middle of a field stands a lightning tree…”For my money, there are few more evocative 1970s TV themes than the title music from Follyfoot. Author Topic: Finding Hope at Follyfoot (Read 11064 times) FollyFootfan1689. That was our only interaction with them, although I did meet Steve Hodson a few years later, because my late husband was a record producer, and he produced a single with Steve! Yes, They took over a farm and had us all sitting in a tree. Combining an unsettlingly rustic folk lyric with joyously choral harmonies and just a soupcon of freewheeling pop magic, it’s the perfect introduction to Yorkshire TV’s popular family drama of the early 1970s. [laughs] I’m constantly singing “Down in the meadow where… mumble mumble mumble…” What happens next? Postman Pat Theme Song Lyrics. A guy called David Winter, a clergyman who went on to be head of religious broadcasting for the BBC, wrote all the lyrics and dished them out to the five of us, and each week we’d meet and compare notes. So we all went off to the local coffee bar, which was what you did in the early 1960s, and they got the guitar out, and I joined in.I went to a few gigs, and on one occasion they’d done their three or four songs – which was all they had – but the audience was shouting for more, and they called me up onstage and said “Come on – do that song we were messing about with the other night”. The Track list is as follows: Side One. And I treasure that e-mail, it was one of those moments when you just feel that you’re in somebody’s life, and you’re making a difference.There’s a real responsibility to those moments. TAKE ME OUT TO THE FARM Tune: “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” Take me out to the farm. A song called Love Is More Than Words, which is on Youtube. And the story unfolded, and went on from there, to me doing what I do now, I guess. Created by Monica Dickens. I haven’t!”So you go forward to a selection conference, and you have to pass exams, and I mean… I was dreadful as a child at school, so the thought of doing anything academic filled me with the screaming ab-dabs.

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