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Winter whiting fishing along Alabama’s beaches can be very sporty fishing on light tackle. Check Price at Amazon. Small poppers, tiny hard-bodied surface lures work well, metal blades such as the eco gear range also produce fish when worked over the shallows. Mackerel and squid are possibly the most used baits for targeting then, a small slither of around 2cm in length being all that’s needed. Yabbies would be my next choice when the conditions are suitable, then a pipi. Using live baits however, is the key to getting big Whiting. Bait plays a critical role in the proper and effective use of fishing rigs regardless of configuration or type. While various types of worms, shellfish, squid or crab will all catch plenty of fish, there is no need to use such expensive baits when fishing for them. Live bait is even better, be it worms, yabbies or prawns, with blood and wriggler worms being a perfect bait for big whiting. Whiting are widespread but tend to prefer areas with seagrasses. For instance, if you are fishing the mud flats and the bait that you’re seeing on them is bloodworms, you’re not going to have much luck by casting out soldier crabs or beach worms. Okuma Tundra Surf Glass Spinning Rods (Large, White/Blue) BESTSELLER NO. 2. A few good spots to try whiting fishing are Canaipa Passage, Tiger Mullet Channel, Bedrooms, Coomera River both arms, Paradise Point, Pimpama River and the Nerang River. Whiting feed almost exclusively on crustaceans. Live bait is by far the best option and you will need to look at the areas you’re fishing and work out exactly what it is the whiting are feeding on. codpieceface, Sep 13, 2007 #1. What is the best tide to fish for whiting? With all this bloody wind recently on weekends I might have to admit defeat with going out wide and try fishing in close a bit more often. Best Fishing Rod For Whiting in 2020. Bait and Burley Whiting feed on a variety of baits, including mussels, pipis and squid, with all these being very popular. One of the most commonly used and well-test bait types proven to be highly effective at catching King George Whiting is squid. The single best bait for Whiting is the Sand Flea. A favourite mantra of mine is to re-bait your hooks on every drop! Most whiting anglers will tell you that the most effective bait for them is mussels or pipis and that nothing else if effective. Best Baits: Pipis, mussels, bass yabbies, squid. Worms and Yabbies are the best bait. Our Top Pick. Rank Product Name Score; 1. Shrimp. Hot Spots: Sorrento Pier, Altona ; Areas: Beaches, estuaries, piers, rocks, breakwaters and boats. Fish the back of the gutter on an incoming tide. It is well worth the effort to go chase fresh live bait, rather than settling for frozen stuff. When fishing from a boat, anchor up and, depending on the rubbish fish situation, use a bit of berley to bring them in. Times & Tides: Morning or late afternoon. Best Baits. 7. If you don’t have access to live baits the next best thing would be fresh peeled prawns. King George Whiting are very fond of fresh squid flesh. Contents. You will find a list of baits that you can use along with how to rig them and get them ready for your fishing experience. Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!! UCEC 150pcs/box Circle Hooks. The willingness of the whiting to snap at a bait can see anglers aiming for a big cod becoming frustrated at the number of small whiting constantly being caught. Without a doubt the best baits for Whiting are live blood and sand worms, yabbies otherwise known as saltwater nippers and pipis. The Best Baits for Whiting. King George Whiting are very fond of fresh squid flesh. Baits. 2 in 2020. Indeed, most whiting caught in UK waters are probably hooked by anglers aiming for cod rather than those specifically fishing for whiting. Bait. 1 in 2020. Shrimp, jelly prawns, small soldier crabs and wriggler worms are also “A” grade baits. rogers-whiting-rig BEST BAITS FOR WHITING. Baits such as prawns, worms, pippies, yabbies and squid are all favourites when it comes to targeting whiting. It's no secret that whiting eat worms, prawns, yabbies or squid and all of these baits will work on different days, however fresh bait is the best bait. thinking of using a 2 hook clip down with size 3/0 on squid/ rag..?? Check Price At Amazon. Tip 1- tackle: Select a rod with a fast tapper, and a line rating somewhere between 1-2kg, and 2-4kg. They cruise the surf zone looking for crabs, shrimp and even small clams that have been disturbed by the breaking waves. even 1o would do it mate. While they have been known to eat baitfish, it is not their primary source of nourishment. Either in a live form or metho (preserved) beach worms are an A1 whiting bait. The best baits for catching whiting are live yabbies, bloodworms, beach worms, prawns and pippies. Check Price. Use a paternoster rig with droppers as close to the bottom as possible. One of the bright spots on a dreary day comes in the form of a very under-utilized fishing situation. Regardless if you're chasing smaller bay whiting, or the 'knacker whackers' in the deeper water this winter, coming armed with a range of baits will ensure regular KG success. THIS IS MY BEST WHITING RIG. Thanks for watching, you can support the page and help keep the videos coming via token donations using PayPal on the website linked below or Patreon. It does work very well, but it’s always best to have a variety of options with you, just in case. I have found that after the calamari has been frozen and then defrosted, it is a lot softer and therefore doesn't require the tenderising that fresh calamari does. At times this can cause the whiting to be regarded as a pest species. Here is my list of baits in order of preference. Bait. Your best bet with most any kind of fishing is to use baits that resemble the forage in the area. Discussion Starter • #1 • Oct 13, 2011. If you don’t have access to live baits the next best thing would be fresh peeled prawns. The best circle hooks you should settle for range in size from #2-2/0 work. This article describes the best tides and techniques for each location and then describes the best baits, lures, tackle and rigs to target summer and winter whiting. Bassdash 175 Pieces Octopus Offset Fishing Hooks. While King George whiting can be taken on sandworm pattern soft plastic lures, it is widely accepted that bait fishing is far more productive, although less challenging. Sand Fleas. Fishing Discussion; What have people been using for whiting recently with the most success? A few hours either side of high tide. With the proper winter whiting rig and fish bait, you’ll forget about the dreary weather in no time. In many areas whiting are lurking just past the waves waiting for sand fleas to be uncovered for feeding. This is another characteristic of this rig that helps you maximize your chances of landing the fish. Whiting normally have tiny mouths located right at their mouth’s bottom. Best Lures for Whiting. wots the best rig a bait for whiting? When it comes to whiting and bait, there’s no comparison to the beachworm. Check … Check Price on Many anglers swear by clam as the best bait for whitefish. Digging up blood worms can be back breaking work but is the best way to get absolutely prime bait. Below, we have decided to look into the best baits for surf fishing. Whiting are great to catch because they can be caught using a wide range of baits. It is best to catch your own fresh bait, however if you are not able to get your own, most tackle shops sell suitable frozen bait and some sell fresh bait. Checkout Our Top Pick Of Best Fishing Hooks For Whiting. Best Fishing Hooks For Whiting. Baits to Use for Whiting. Submitted by dkonig82 on Fri, 2011-02-11 10:21. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has/does use strips of whiting as bait (not talking about live baiting with small whiting). 5. It’s basically common sense, beachworms live on the beach and whiting feed on the beach. BESTSELLER NO. Each angler has their favourite bait and my preference is frozen calamari. Long, thin strips of frozen mackerel, herring, or almost any other type of fish all work very well. It works well . Best Bait. 3. Lobbers has a rather fine wishbone he may tell you about. In my mind, beach fishing is one of the most underrated yet productive ways to catch a feed of legal size fish. So, if you use soft baits like pieces of prawn, they will be stripped off your hook in no time and you will find yourself rebaiting hooks instead of catching fish. What is the best bait to use to catch whiting? That sounds fine. This is because the sinker will slide freely along your main line. I have a load in the freezer, and need to make some space! 9. Catching Whiting on surface lures GUIDE! Whiting fishing complete guide, SHALLOW WATER! The best baits however will sustain a merciless and relentless attack from the whiting and stay on the hook, they might be small, but they certainly aren’t timid when it comes to attacking a bait. With the south coast “whiting on surface” season fast approaching – I thought I would share 3 tips to get you amongst the action! Big whiting can be very fussy eaters, so carrying a range of baits will help you work out what they want on that day. Whiting will eat practically anything presented to them. Written by Andrew Badullovich. Without a doubt the best baits for Whiting are live blood and sand worms, yabbies otherwise known as saltwater nippers and pipis. KastKing Resolute Fishing Rods, Spinning Rod 6ft 6in -Medium - Fast-2pcs. It’s no secret that whiting eat worms, prawns, yabbies or squid and all of these baits will work on different days, however fresh bait is the best bait. 28 Posts . 9.7/10 our score. This rod should be at least 7’ long, with 7’6” providing longer casts. Also, it may be wise to use a 5-6 pound rated line to attach the sinker. Using sand fleas is a good choice when you’re fishing areas where they are the common forage. The sinker slide is great to prevent the whiting from feeling the line and the weight as it takes the bait. Whenever they hit bait, the hit usually ranges from extremely aggressive to almost being undetectable thus making circle hooks one of the best choices when it comes to whiting fish.. THE BEACH . No need to clip down in most situations but can be useful sometimes. AGOOL Baitholder Fishing Hooks. Sure when the fish are hot to trot and are scarfing anything, you can get a bit slapdash with the baits used and how they're rigged. Ragworm, lugworm, shellfish, shrimps, prawns, sandeels, hermit crab and strips of fresh fish such as herring, mackerel, sprat, pilchard and whiting can all be used to catch whiting. 9. Longer leaders work best with Whiting. It allows live baits to move more naturally for longer and encourages a more aggressive bite. Live bait is even better, be it worms, yabbies or prawns, with blood and wriggler worms being a perfect bait for big whiting. When fishing the beach, if the tide is receding, fish the front of the gutter. Best bait’s to use for catching King George Whiting . Check Price at Amazon . Although mussels are undoubtable one of the best whiting baits it really comes down to what food is available in the area that you are fishing. Whiting can be caught on almost any sort of commonly used bait. Best bait & rig for whiting recently - sand and KG. There are a number of great baits for catching Whiting off the beach. Further to this, artificial baits such as small pirks either baited or unbaited can be used to catch whiting. A lot of serious whiting anglers spend as much time getting their bait as they do fishing. Check Price.

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