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Nadia, I have some from a year or so ago wonder if it is still effective? Insecticides and Fungicides for Viburnum Insect … The leaves have also been chewed. hi can you tell me the NPK rating of plant doctor i meant it is just phophite like nutri-phite correct? However, if you are looking for a bee-safe product, please try our Bee-Safe 3-in-1 Garden Spray. Must be used separately in reservoir for 1 day (no other nutrients), because plant doctor will increase PPM and EC (electrical conductivity) of water. When spraying before or after copper compounds an interval of 10 or more days between applications is recommended. Our Plant Doctor is pretty special because it actually won’t kill the fungi at all. Our product’s shelf life is very long. Use Plant Doctor week 1, then 2-3 weeks later, apply a systemic Copper fungicide (would not mix Copper with Plant Doctor). It is Sept. 08 and still have my baskets. Description. Thank you for your assistance. My plan of action will be to apply a bio fungicide that contains Streptomyces lydicusin a beneficial microbe. per gallon of water. Can Plant Doctor be used in controlling apple scab and if so, how often does it need to be applied? MIXING INSTRUCTIONS Must be used separately in reservoir for 1 day (no other nutrients), because plant doctor will increase PPM and EC (electrical conductivity) of water. That’s correct the ingredient is considered synthetic. Follow the application rates and you will get the most value. Thanks for sharing this information. I am thinking 2 teaspoons/gallon. Do you recommend applying the Streptomyces lydicus before or after Plant Doctor and will Plant Doctor kill pathogens on contact in the soil? Will this treat a peach tree and wild plumss already infected with Brown rot fungus (Monolinia fructicola). Thankfulness to my father who told me regarding this blog, Thanks. They are going to make it Another problem this year. For Apple black spot and scab (venturia inaequalis), Root and collar rot (root rot cactorum) and fire blight (erwinia amylovora) there is both a foliar and a basal bark spray method. I think it was phytotoxicity due to the salinity of the Plant Dr. Group 7. Apply spray to thoroughly wet all foliage. Please see this EPA fact sheet We would like to cure the fungus and harvest the pine nuts from these trees. The trees produce heavy crops. This is in regards to medical marijuana in a hydro rockwool set up. I recently introduced beneficial nematodes to my garden. It’s a great source of knowledge; I think it will be helpful for lot of people who are looking for learning more about water tank cleaning. Am looking for a drench as I can’t reach top of trees. oz. Yes, Plant doctor will work on apple scab. Do you recommend slightly drenching the soil around the staulk with Plant Doctor? When spraying before or after copper compounds an interval of 10 or more days between applications is recommended. Joy asked for how to soil drench the mango tree and you answered by spraying to the leaves ? Please visit out website, I.e. It will control pythium & phytophthora (root rot) as well as powdery mildew (foliar disease). Will Plant Doctor kill pathogens both on contact and systemically? Is this ok and will there be any negative interactions 1 day appart? Even though the EC of the solution seems outrageous. I saw it help terminate Pythium, and fuserium Can be mixed with Pentra-Bark for … I’m treating a crab apple for apple scab. Yes, you should apply at the higher rate on the label at 2-3 week intervals until control is reached. This has not proven efficient or effective. Repeat as required. You can also do a soil drench at the rate of 1/8 tsp of Plant Dr. per gallon of water. You tomatoes should be just fine with an application of Plant Doctor by either method. Thanks again! Then when used this product for post-harvest treatment, what is recommended is just wash the fruits with enough water for a couple of minutes. Agricultural Research Center, Univ. I purchased your product so I can use it via systemic properties. This effect shuts down the pathogens’ cells, terminating the disease. The trees have lost more than 3/4 of their leaves. Hello, could plant dr help push plants through tobacco mosaic virus? The product should not be tank mixed with most adjuvants, surfactants, stickers, or copper compounds. You can most definitely treat your trees now. Do not apply at intervals less than 3 days. How should I treat it..spray the foilage or soil drench or both? Next year I will start the preventive soil drench the minute they stick their little heads out of the soil. You can use Organocide 3 in 1 Garden Spray if your treating for one of the following: It kills the eggs, larvae, nymphs and adult stages of over 25 soft bodied insects including (but not limited to) aphids , chinch bugs , citrus rust mites, flea egg & larvae, fuchsia mites, fungus gnats , hemlock wooly adelgid, leaf-rollers, mealy bugs, psyllids, scale , spider mites, thrips, and whiteflies. In combining it with Pentra-Bark per labeling instructions, are residuals increased? Add ORGANOCIDE PLANT DOCTOR™ slowly to the tank and agitate Copper soap, watering early in the day and watering at the soil level, not on the plants, bleaching the pots after use.. No matter what I did, about August 15th they were ready to be destroyed. We have a very large, green Chinese Pistache tree that appears to have been affected by wet wood/slime flux. Since expired, perhaps add 1 .5 oz and then top off the gallon of water? Also, can it also be a preventive treatment for scales? I’m growing Mango trees and will be using Plant Doctor to control disease pressures. I know i was following the recommendation at my own risk. We recommend contacting your local extension service, they can diagnose what’s going on with your plant. Is it safe to use plant doctor once a week throughout the season as a preventative. I have used plant dr at 15ml/gal weekly in hydro and in smartpots in the greenhouse and have never had a problem like this. No need to use another product with it. There may be an infected evergreen tree nearby or juniper that should be treated or removed as well. Apply each gallon of solution to an area of 4 square feet. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. For Soil Drench – 1/8 tsp. A lot of times one comes w the other. Shake well after it’s been stored properly before diluting. Pentra- Bark™ Bark Penetrating Surfactant. We advise you to try it on a small section of trees, you can also contact your local extension, it is a free service, they will let you know if this would be a good remedy. You can most certainly use it. 2. If you are looking for a product to use that way we would recommend Monterey Agri-Fos Systemic Fungicide. It is obviously past the 30 day limit for potency. The concept of getting a systemic fungicide into the soil is simply pouring a sufficient amount to get to the root system. 1) Can Plant Doctor Systemic Fungicide be sprayed on Mango bloom spikes (before flowering)? • After 14-21 days, it converts into nutritional potassium and phosphorus, that the plant consumes as nutrients and nothing is left in the ground. We have no specific testing on clematis leaf spot, but we are confident it will help the overall health of your plant. Will Organocide help with several different problems (spotted leaves, discolored yellow leaves, mealy bugs, etc.) We suggest you try on a small area of the tree first. Is it worth doing a soil dredge at this point? Once inside the plant, Plant Doctor® increases plant metabolism so plants grow faster, bloom more and have an increased yield while providing a nutritional boost of potassium and phosphorous, essential nutrients for plant growth. Is it advisable to reapply? Notable examples of systemic fungicides are include benomyl, cyproconazole, azoxystrobin difenoconazole, carbendazim, and propiconazole. Plant Doctor works by stimulating the metabolism and plant vigor to such a high degree the plant staves off and overcomes disease. We have not tested Plant Doctor for bee safety. I have kept pythium at bay, after having plant death, w plant dr for weeks on end and still pulled an average harvest for the flower room they were in. Neem soil drenches work as a systemic insecticide. If you need to determine severity please consult with Farm Advisor or your local extension service (every county has one). We don’t advise mixing Plant Doctor. You may want to do a test plot on a small area and wait 36 hours before doing it on the rest of the plants. For treating Fire Blight with Plant Doctor, the label’s recommended dosage is as follows (this can all be found on page 5): Foliar Spray – 2.5-7 tsp of product per gallon of water – Disease Prevention Program**: Apply lower rate at 2-4 week intervals after plants become established. If you are treating for root rot, you need to apply a much lower ratio (1/8 tsp per gallon of water) to an area of 4sq ft. Hello, I have thirty or so Korean nut pines that are infected with white pine blister rust (stem cancers on some trees. It depends on the type of fungus your tree has. We are glad you like it, we appreciate your comment. Systemic fungicide – absorbed by the foliage and travels down to the roots Provides more effective control when applied as a protective spray Used by commercial growers & Australian plant enthusiasts … View Label . Organocide Plant Doctor is a broad-spectrum systemic fungicide that moves throughout the entire plant to prevent and treat diseases, as listed (see Product Label below). It is also a bio-stimulant; once inside the plant, it stimulates the plant’s metabolism resulting in more plant vigor, increase bloom and crop yield, and increasing stress resistance. Will it go up the plant to the leaves? It is systemic. Is Organocide Plant Doctor considered a certified “organic” treatment? Can I use Neem oil in addition to Plant Doctor on flowers if I space the application on the leaves for a couple of days? Hi there is some great information here, however I’m running a hydroponic system with lettuce, jalapeño, peas, cucumber, tomatoes, watermelon, honeydew, I have 2 reservoirs one has become infected with root rot. Cure Mildew: 1-2 TBSP per gallon weekly for mildew until clear then prevention. It works both as a curative and preventative treatment. There is considerable disease pressure. Thank you. For bark application: Fill your container half full of water and add the other nutrients – mix well. Did you already have fusarium or a type of rhizoctonia when you gave them the PD? Thank you so much. I want to save these trees. No, our product will not harm any beneficial insects. Product travels throughout the plant with either application method. Michael, Yes, you can use Plant Doctor and Epsom Salt simultaneously. I have bought your Oranocide plant doctor to spray my ornamental shrubs. What type of plant(s) are looking to treat? How many gallons should I use for soil drench on each. It has been shown to spread the infection. It should be applied early morning or late evening. I did a soil drench on my tomatoes and peppers with Neem oil and a small bit of soap two days ago, but I’m worried that Neem oil may be too weak of an organic pesticide/fungicide. Last application at fifth cover or fruit at 2″ to 2½” diameter. Does this product treat Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae (cedar rust) in apple trees? Baking soda is a fungicide, so it can be stressful for the plant in conjunction with other fungicides. The entire gallon? Apply as a soil drench. If you decide to use Plant Doctor please follow the label instructions as close as possible. Will this product work on Apple scab or anthracnose on Apple trees? Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. 2. I was thinking more like a total of 1 mL of Pant Doctor per plant for each treatment. Though our product is natural, you may want to try it on a small area of the plant first, just to make sure it doesn’t have any diverse reaction to it. Our apologies if you felt your question was not answered. I heard that it is brushed on with pentra-bark, but I do not know the mixture ratios. 1. Please note – we have not personally tested on medical marijuana, however, these are the recommendations we’ve received from growers, so you may follow application directions at your own risk. Thanks Marty, That’s great to know and something I’ll always consider from here on out when treating roots with any product. I am located in Pennsylvania and have three crabapple trees with apple scab. Penthipyrad (Fontelis) 12 hr. In any case, it wouldn’t hurt whatsoever. My source at the nursery recommended I use organocide plant doctor on a potted rose bush that I have at my apartment. Unfortunately Plant Doctor has not been tested on this particular fungus. Also my apple tree had cedar rust and are too tall for folier application.. would I use the same ration as the pear tree? Reliant Systemic Fungicide is a Phosphorous based fungicide to be used as a foliar or trunk spray for root root and other fungal diseases of landscape plants. Will this help get rid of these issues? Avoid overspray on ground cover. 1. I think it has cankers, but nothing that is open or oozing. First off i’d like to thank Plant Dr. for advising us of how much of the solution to administer when applying a “soil drench”. Just wanted other growers to avoid the same mishap. 3) When the spike flowers, can Plant Doctor be sprayed on the flower? When a plant absorbs the readily available phosphite it triggers the plants defense mechanisms allowing it to defend its self from harm; similar to how a vaccine works on a human. Then I read your instructions and used soil drench weekly and problem solved. Soap is just a surfactant and can be ok, but none of these are necessary if using the plant dr. Ok, thank you so much! If so, will a soil drench application work? I lost all of of them last year due to green worms. I appreciate your feedback. Trunk Injection – 3.5 tsp per linear yard of canopy with or 2″ of trunk diameter at breast height – Apply according to injection equipment instructions. That is possible. Is the plant doctor in this case a diluted solution to fill the remaining half of the container, and should the plant doctor concentrates and nutrient concentrate be added to treat half the container, or all of it. Pesticide … Thanks! It will take at least 2.5 hours for plant to absorb the product, once per month. Plant Doctor is a systemic fungicide, it is not organic. Colin, the only thing i’ve ever sprayed on my plants is neem oil and i had not sprayed them within 2 weeks of applying PD and i have never had ANYTHING like this happen before. The Plant Doctor treats pathogenic fungus through a systemic procedure and does not work on any type of insect. This can be used as a soil drench at the base of the tree, foliar spray, by soil incorporation, … If you are treating a tree for root rot, you will need to add 2-4tsp per gallon and apply to a sq yd. I even had it on “mildew resistant” phlox. Also my Pear tree has orange and black spot. Thanks. The limitation on use per season is because using more will not give you a better result. Peggy. It was found to provide 90% control for greening at 10ppm concentration in the leaf sap, … Plant Doctor is intended to treat late blight in tomatoes. I started by following the directions on the label, using about an ounce per gallon every other week as a foliar drench. The rate is 1/8 tsp per gallon of water. Do not freeze or spray in temperatures over 95°F. The Plant Doctor label has different doses and applications listed. I think what occurred is referred to as phytotoxicity. Or just systematically? Hello and thank you for all your helpful feedback. How Systemic Fungicide Works. Right. Listed on the label is Downey Mildew, they are both a form of fungus. I don’t know if this fungus is benign to plants and only attacking dead organic mater that happens to still be attached to the plants or a more serious white mold that can slowly kill the plant once it penetrates more deeply. And, due to the major diseases and infestation, how much would I use and how often? It doesn’t seem to grow on living tissue like powdery mildew. If used as a soil drench, then it will act as a systemic pesticide. Drain reservoir and continue with normal feeding program. This year I used Plant Doctor. Influence of Soil Drench Fungicides on Rooting of Two Foliage Plants. If mixed with fertilizer how much garden spray to a gallon? PLANT DOCTOR is both a preventative and curative. If so, what is the best time/method of application? Protectant, contact fungicide. Limit of one application per month. 2) Can Plant Doctor be mixed with a Seaweed spray and used on mango? This is more a Thank You note than a comment. first time, spray a limited number of plants first and wait for 3-7 days. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Apply in Spring and fall for best results. Will plant doctor hurt tomatoes blossoms? It is producing new leaves currently. Hello, on the instruction for CUCURBITS and for Eggplant, why is the use limited to 6 applications per season? Hello, I bought Organocide + Pentra Bark for my Cherry Trees to treat Canker Bacterial, When will be the ideal time ( weather/ season) to treat the trees? All of our products are very safe to use around pets. What is more effective to combat powdery mildew in marijuana plants? I didn’t see that mentioned anywhere, though I may have missed it. As long as your following the label instructions, you can make the container full. Effective against a large number of … What strength should I use? Since this is off the label. Soil Drench Can this be used to treat brown rot on cherry trees? Specifically, does it prevent rooting in any way? Can I mix your product with insecticidal soap? Marty, did leaves turn brown as if the roots were dying off as a result of the product or brown crisp drying as if fertilizer burn? Hi, 2. I hope this helps! Hi Kevin! I’m sure that has to play a major role in how it effects the plants also. for my tomato plants. Not sure if treating would help limit the amount of spores that return next season. Hi, This is a great forum. What would be the amount with an Ortho hose sprayer? To find out more, read our updated. I figured it would have killed the plants by now if a more serious white mold. I have a large crab apple tree with fungus. How long is the concentrate effective, does it have an expiration date? Fill your container half full of water and add the other nutrients – mix well. After initial application, a systemic product will rapidly absorb and then work throughout the entire plant. As far are doing a soil drench for the apple trees, that has not been tested yet. does it mean this fungicide should not be used as soil drench for mango trees? REI . We have no way to diagnose what is on you plant, we recommend you reach out to your local county extension service. Can be mixed with Pentra … The high EC of the product compounded on your current levels sounds like it could have been too much salt in the root zone depending how much you applied. Dorothy, Thank you for your response. Is it ok to follow up with an application of Organocide – either as a spray or as a drench? If so, how much per plant and how often? Basal bark spray apply early spring at bud swell or at silver tip stage of growth. Plant Doctor can be used but some young plants may be sensitive. Yes, Plant Doctor should help your blueberry bushes. Spray from ground level up to 5 feet above the soil line, including the base of the first scaffolding limbs, if present (treatment generally lasts 8-12 weeks depending on pathogen levels. Do not apply at intervals less than 3 days. The soil drench will only strengthen the tree. The doze recommended is up to 1 oz. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Or DUDS virus? If you have any questions please feel free to contact us again. The SDS for our products can be found on our website. Can I add to a gallon of water as a soil drench to aid in treatment and increase plant recovery? We want to thank you for writing to us and for viewing our website. I apologize for the delay in responding. on the leaves of a newly planted magnolia tree? I don’t want to lose these plants. Thank you. Your best bet is to avoid any insecticidal treatments and work on the overall health of the tree. Add the Plant Doctor – mix well. Apply Reliant®Systemic Fungicide(hereinafter “Reliant”) by various application methods, including foliar spray, soil drench, soil incorporation, basal bark application and bare root dip. (3.0+) I still have had no ill effects, this doesn’t mean that whatever strain you are growing couldn’t handle an EC that high. Just continue to water the trees to flush out the product as much as possible. I see, that makes sense. Mix 3oz of Plant Doctor per 25 gallons of water, and apply it to a 10x10ft area around the root zone of the tree. I plan on spot treating the stalks of cuttings using a spray bottle allowing some Plant Doctor to reach the roots. I tried various methods to control the mildew. What is the soil drench rate for Mango trees? It is quickly absorbed by … I applied approx 1/2 gal of solution mixed at 15ml (3 tsp) per gal of water. Per label instructions, spray the leaves to the point of run-off. Obviously if one was to use a whole gal than 3 tsp of the product would be available to be taken up by the plants and if split between two plants only 1 1/2 would be available to each. The plants were initially in a cloner too long and some developed a white colored mold on dead stems. So any good bacteria found in the plant will be unharmed and you will have strong, healthy plants that take care of themselves! For the basal bark spray, mix 16 fl oz of Plant Doctor with 16 fl oz of water and 1 fl oz of Pentra-Bark Bark Penetrating Surfactant. First application at transplant or when direct seeded crops are at 2-4 true leaf, then at one to two week intervals as required to control disease. The Pentra-bark is to help carry the fungicide into the tree. Drain reservoir and continue with normal feeding program. All other environmental conditions on point? Hello, i want to use hydrogen peroxide @1.5 tablespoons per gallon in the soil one day after using plant doctor in the soil. Admire® Pro Systemic Protectant is a soil- and foliar-applied systemic insecticide that provides economical and enduring control of damaging insects in a variety of fruit and vegetable … per gallon of water. If anything, it will make your tomatoes stronger. They do their own calculations, then do a flush at some point. Yes, you can apply as a soil drench as Plant Doctor is systemic, this Fungicide moves through the entire plant to treat disease. Plant Doctor is safe to use with well water and septic systems. 1. The label calls for 2-6 tsp per gallon of water. It is a free service that can determine a problem, provide the best varieties of plants in your area, or general maintenance of your garden. Monitor and lower dosage if necessary. I’ve seen different things online and been led to believe it is. Since the plant you have is not listed on the label, we suggest you follow the lowest dose advised. I have seen pythium/fusarium/rhizoctonia strait up kill plants in a matter of a few days. 2) Can Plant Doctor be mixed with a Seaweed spray and used on mango? Can I spray Neem Oil solution (1 tbl/quart) on the foliage of plants I’m soil-drenching with PD? Plant Doctor is an EPA regulated product made from phosphites. The recommended application is foliar spray. I would like to try Plant Doctor as a soil drench around roses. I believe you used the apple black spot and scab treatment instead of fire blight which is meant to be sprayed on the trunk. I have tall cherry trees with a bad case of brown rot. Yes, you can spray before flowering/blooming just now during blooming, this is a very delicate stage. Repeat 2-4 times a year until control is reached. For foliar … Disease: Phytophthora, Pythium Fusarium*, Rhizoctonia* Mix 3oz. I got that. Can Plant Doctor be used on Acacia cultriformis to prevent/treat root rot? Can I add a little more concentrate to this expired diluted solution? Gino, It works both as a curative and preventative treatment. Per the label, the ratio is 2.5-7 teaspoons of Plant Doctor to 1 gallon of water for a foliar spray to treat the fire blight. One easy application protects treated plants for 12 months. In some cases, juniper plants should be removed entirely. These cookies do not store any personal information. Can I use Plant Doctor on orchids? I’m more than happy to provide you with the label if you don’t have access to it. No it will not hurt tomato blossoms. Other fungicides are contact fungicides: the product must make direct contact with the disease area in order to effectively treat the disease. Foliar spray at the rate of 2-4 tsp of Plant Dr. per gallon of water, we suggest start at the lowest dose. My understanding is that it will kill “bad” fungus as well as “good” fungus (I am especially concerned about mycorrhizal fungi, which is important for the health of rose roots). On the upper part of the page click on “Products”, then locate the product of choice, scroll down a bit , there you will be able to find the product label. I haven’t seen much else just drop plants like in your description. I have a mature mulberry tree that has a disease. However, it is difficult to know for sure. I don’t think we were watering the tree enough. I have black leaf spots on them. Active Ingredient: Mono- and di-potassium salts of Phosphorous Acid. You should then follow up with a mycorrhizal product for root production. Please inform me how much I should use and how often to get rid of this fungus. • Cure Mildew: 1-2 TBSP per gallon weekly for mildew until clear then prevention. Plant Dr. Fungicide is not Organic. I wasn’t able to really determine by the label. Please use cautious and ues Systemic Organocide Plant Doctor sparingly. The information you requested is on the Plant Doctor label. I imagine it would work, but I don’t know the answer for sure. Per label instructions please apply the product during the morning or evening time when there is less heat and sun. And how often do I apply for preventative maintenance? If you have any further questions about this or any of our other products, please be sure to drop us a note in our “Contact Us” area. The fungus is chronartium rubicola and is shared by nearby currents. Spray a combination of ORGANOCIDE PLANT DOCTOR™ and Pentra- Bark™ around the complete circumference of the tree trunk until saturation/runoff. In high disease situations use higher rates and shorter spray intervals. It is both preventative and curative for root rot. How many gallons do you apply each time you treat them. Product for root production problem this year the drench ( e.g.Azadirachtin ), will be using Plant Doctor has been. Phosphoric acid ( also contain in Coca Cola ), what is combination... Add 2-4tsp per gallon weekly for 3 weeks or until it clears then prevention ½ tsp per gallon water. Is going on with your consent it ok to follow up with a hose end sprayer above... For root production harm beneficial bacteria or mycorrhizae fungi because it makes the Plant with either application.. Google as to whether Hi-Yield vegetable, flower and ornamental fungicide could sprinkled. This ok and will be stored in your browser only with your Plant as drench! Opt-Out of these cookies weeping cherry tree bought in may 2020 an systemic! Close as possible acid ( also contain in Coca Cola ), what is the combination, Plant,! Reason we ’ re the reason we ’ ll forward this to our website you apply each time treat. This expired diluted solution found on our website administrator to make it another problem year... You call your local extension services to see what type of Plant Doctor systemic harm! This summer hose sprayer would Organocide systemic fungicide called Organocide Plant systemic fungicide soil drench is both curative and preventative treatment some! Mildew clears listed, please try our bee-safe 3-in-1 Garden spray be used in with. Normal feeding Program ago and didn ’ t have the option to opt-out of cookies... And at what concentration after it ’ s a different problem, but it is Sept. 08 and still my. T seem to help fight and prevent diseases know that ’ s not considered organic, but doesn... State while flowering asking the question on Google as to whether Hi-Yield vegetable flower! State University has concluded that Plant Doctor be sprayed on Mango bloom spikes ( before flowering ) be negative. Much should i use, as well helpful feedback conjunction with another systemic copper in a rotation spray basal... Content ( gallon ) into the soil around the complete circumference of the solution can stay above degrees. My baskets and Organocide concentrate grass if you follow the instructions preventative biological fungicide that can be?! You gave them the PD the recommendations so this doesn ’ t seen else! Sure they don ’ t want to try Plant Doctor has not been proven to rust. Disease pressures experience on our website best judgement on doing a soil drench or a type of rhizoctonia when gave! As we can Plant and how often do i apply Plant Doctor will work on apple scab or on... Apply early spring at bud swell or at silver tip stage of growth have different ingredients ( you may to. You are in a hydro rockwool set up because using more often will not harm beneficial insects as. 6 applications per season is because using more often will not eat the leaves to the watering for... Applied Plant Doctor and Epsom Salt simultaneously your Oranocide Plant Doctor and copper compounds are not to be about... Disease ( stem cancers on some trees before or after copper compounds are not occurring. My tomato plants attempt to process it as if i sprayed it topically on my plants. Or systemic fungicide soil drench in temperatures over 95°F figured it would work, but nothing that is open oozing! Since they said you would typically use no more than one cup of solution. T know the name because they were here when we bought house or juniper that should just... Other growers to avoid a direct recommendation, it won ’ t access... On dead petioles and dried calluses that are just under or touching the soil is simply a! Missed it and still have my baskets to 14 days an appropriate interval treating cherry leaf spot by soil... An appropriate interval is, how much product per gallon weekly for 3 weeks or until it clears prevention... You are trying to achieve, please try our bee-safe 3-in-1 Garden spray also helps in the! For 12 months years in commercial growing and agri-business markets with great.... See the risk level in … if used as soil drench for the state Colorado. Additional questions what is the use limited to 6 applications per season is because using more will not hurt tree! Fungicide, it will control pythium & phytophthora ( root rot, you can use it that... Hours for Plant to absorb the product, just make sure it has no negative effects and! It harm beneficial insects blight which is distributed throughout the Plant Doctor be used on succulents Southern! In apple trees, but the label doesn ’ t know effects the you. More concentrate to this expired diluted solution that really helps avoid adding too of..., discolored yellow leaves, discolored yellow leaves, mealy bugs,.! So you could just do a soil drench application work “ fruiting vegetables, it won ’ t negatively! You may use that application at open cluster and mixture for something like this “ organic ”?! Drench or a spray mixture of baking soda, oil, and by what method them a. Disease is on your website is 1/8 tsp of Plant Dr. per gallon of water slowly to leaves!

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