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It has dark green foliage throughout the season. Its pyramidal habit develops about half as wide as it is high making this a very popular urban tree in the USA. The large heart-shaped leaves turn an outstanding gold in the fall. Similar to species in other aspects. Use. In spring large, green, heart-shaped leaves appear followed by small, … American Sentry Linden features subtle clusters of fragrant buttery yellow flowers with tan bracts hanging below the branches in early summer. The leaves have a heart shape, are as long as 5 1/2 inches, as wide as 3 inches and have serrated edges. Read more about this product. Called ‘McKSentry’ by American growers to commemorate its breeders, Mackay nurseries in Wisconsin. Most often seen at 40 to 50 feet in height with a spread of 35 to 40 feet, American linden or basswood is capable of reaching 80 to 100 feet or more. The European Lindens, such as the Tilia cordata, have been used for centuries to make some of the finest honeys in the world. American Sentry ® is noted for its heart-shaped leaves, excellent dense, symmetrical, pyramidal form, and some resistance to Japanese beetles. ©2014 - 2020 Halka Nurseries Inc. | Website Design & Marketing by Creare Web SolutionsWebsite Design & Marketing by Creare Web Solutions P: (732) 462-8450 F: (732) 409-2705. GENERAL BOTANICAL CHARACTERISTICS: American basswood is a native deciduous tree. American Linden. Tilia americana Redmond, size Medium, on our nursery < > Tilia americana Redmond American Line, American Linden, Basswood. The tree is pyramidal when young but develops into a striking specimen with an upright, oval canopy atop a tall, straight trunk. Click image to enlarge. It’s a good substitute for green ash in areas where emerald ash borer is present. Tilia americana 'American Sentry' Scientific Name: Tilia L. (Malvaceae) americana L. 'American Sentry' Nursery Availability 1 - 29 of 29. Mature Height: 40'-45' Mature Spread: 25'-30' Type: Shade. The flowers are small, creamy-white and aromatic. Tilia americana 'McKSentry' Sizes: Sizes varying from 6'-10' and calipers from 1¼"-2½". Tilia americana. Linden/ American Sentry . Linden/ American Sentry . American Sentry® Linden features subtle clusters of fragrant buttery yellow flowers with tan bracts hanging below the branches in early summer. Buy the actual individually selected tree in our videos. Please call for availability. Tilia americana 'McKSentry' American Sentry® Linden Great shade tree; Fragrant spring flowers; Deep yellow fall foliage; Most resistant Linden to Japanese Beetle; Height: 40-45 Feet Spread: 25-30 Feet Hardiness Zone: 3 - 8 Interesting Notes: This is an excellent nursery tree and makes up well as a young B&B tree. Bold white undersides of its large leaves shimmer in the summer sun. Buy the tree you see. americana: Rich coves, rocky slopes, metabasalt boulderfields, rich north-facing river bluffs, calcareous Coastal Plain ravines Home / Tree finder / Tilia americana American Sentry. Disclaimer **List prices are for reference only. It has dark green foliage throughout the season. It is pale yellow-green in the fall. The mature size of the tree is obviously significant, making an excellent street tree, or shade tree for a large yard. This beautiful tree is a form of linden tree that is native to the midwest. Spicy scented, yellow flowers appear in July. Tilia americana, commonly called American basswood or American linden, is a medium to large deciduous tree which typically grows to 50-80’ (infrequently to over 100’) tall with an … var. It's called an AMERICAN SENTRY™ linden because of its straight branches, like a sentry on duty. Tilia americana 'American Sentry' 'American Sentry' linden, 'American Sentry' basswood synonym Tilia americana 'Mck Sentry' Tilia americana 'Sentry' Download PDF. Tilia americana 'American Sentry' 45x30’. Return to Search . Mature Height: 40' Mature Width: 25'-30' Hardiness Zone: 3. Light Requirement: Full sun to partial shade. The fruit is not ornamentally significant. 29 Search Results. The name Tilia americana ‘Pendula’ featured in 19th-century nursery catalogues, but the example sold – probably by Booth of Hamburg – to the Muskau Arboretum in the 1830s was the clone of T. tomentosa now known as ‘Petiolaris’ , and was adopted by Kirchner as the type of this cultivar. Tilia americana Fairly fast grower with a loose crown that eventually reaches a maximum height of approx. 30 m. Young trees have smooth, grey bark, but older trees have regular, shallow grooves. Read more about this product. Clusters of small, fragrant white flowers bloom in late spring to early summer, and are attractive to bees. The information on this website is for informational purposes only; it is deemed accurate but not guaranteed. Full Sun/Part Shade Pyramidal Habit; Forms attractive Gray furrowed Bark Tilia americana 'American Sentry' 45x30’. Buy the actual individually selected tree in our videos. Visit http://www.robinsonnursery.com for our list of bare root trees, shrubs & containers Everything about Tilia americana ‘American Sentry’ is big and bold. Product Description Large, deep green leaves form a uniform, upright, oval crown. Deep green leaves turn an attractive golden-yellow in the fall, and the bark is silvery-gray when young. Tilia americana is an Iowa native. The bark is smooth and distinctively gray when young. Variety of American linden chosen for its uniform branching habit and upright, narrow form. American Sentry Linden Tilia americana ~ Zone 3 Height 45' Spread 30' A form of the American linden. “Redmond” linden (Tilia americana ‘Redmond’) is a deciduous tree that grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 2 through 8. It is easy to transplant is tolerant of clay soil and some drought once established. The average height of the American linden ranges from 60 to 125 feet, with the tree attaining a rounded form with a canopy of spreading branches. American linden is a useful shade tree and a good honey plant in the Malvaceae family. One of the attractive aspects of the tree is the dark green color of its foliage during spring and summer; the fall color is usually another shade of green or a faded yellow. The large heart-shaped leaves turn an outstanding gold in the fall. If this tree earned an Uber review, it would be 5 star (with extra tip). Tilia americana ‘DTR 123’ Tilia americana ‘McKSentry’ 40' high x 25' wide Zone 3 Sun to part shade. All prices, sizes and product selection subject to change without notice. tilia - linden or basswood. The American Linden is a native tree to the north eastern United States - stretching from Nebraska down to Tennessee and up to Quebec, Canada. The … American Sentry has great resistance to Japanese beetles compared to other linden species. Common Name: American basswood Scientific Name: Family: Tiliaceae Genus: Tilia Species: americana Hardiness Zone: 2 to 8 Height: 60 to 100 ft Width: 30 to 50 ft Common Characteristics: American linden, or also known as American basswood is a medium to large tree, typically 60-100 feet tall at maturity with a rounded crown. It’s tough and has large green leaves that turn to yellow in the autumn. Honey and sap of basswood are often collected and used in gourmet food markets and the trees are used to make furniture, shipping crates, etc. Extremely fragrant flowers in late spring; Resistent to Japanese Beetle; Scientific Name: Tilia americana 'McKSentry' Zone: 3. Halka Nurseries Inc. 240 Sweetmans Lane Millstone Township, NJ 08535. Send by email Printer-friendly version. The fruit is not ornamentally significant. Types of planting. Buy the tree you see. Scientific Name: Tilia americana 'American Sentry' #ProPlantTips for Care. Sentry Linden Tree < > Tilia americana American Sentry Sentry Linden. Young twigs are smooth and olive green, often reddish brown on the top and side facing the sun. The American Basswood produces the same fine-quality honey as its European relatives. american linden & varieties tilia americana (basswood) tilia americana american sentry (oval canopy) tilia americana legend At ArborAdvisor we don't have tree "rankings" but just know this tree ranks near the top. It does not constitute professional advice. Originally introduced as T. heterophylla, this species is now included in T. americana. TILIA americana American Sentry™ Selected for its narrow, upright pyramidal habit that opens slightly with age. New! American Sentry® Linden is a cultivar of American linden that is particularly symmetrical with a strong pyramidal shape. Location avenue … The branches come off the main trunk at 45 degree angles and … Tilia americana, commonly called American basswood or American linden, is a medium to large deciduous tree which typically grows to 50-80’ (infrequently to over 100’) tall … Tree types standard trees feathered trees shade trees. Basswood or American linden (Tilia americana) is a deciduous native shade tree, noted for its large, oval-shaped leaves and fragrant, pale yellow flowers.

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